Tip Tuesday: Holiday Messaging Isn’t ‘Merry’ for Everyone

Whether you’re wishing your followers a Merry Christmas or hoping to boost sales among customers shopping for holiday gifts, it’s important to recognize that the holidays aren’t happy for everyone – especially this year.

Social media calendars in November and December will inevitably include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and other winter holiday content. But be careful how you talk about this very difficult season.

A seemingly harmless post about going to grandma’s or sharing a meal with loved ones could be even more off-putting amid a global pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost a family member to COVID-19 and no one’s holiday will look the way it did in 2019.

Keep in mind those who are grieving someone who won’t be at their table this year, those who can’t afford gifts because they’ve lost their jobs, and those who make the hard but smart choice to stay home instead of risking infecting someone they love. Underplaying the weight of the situation by saying ‘things are a little different’ can also trigger negative feedback from clients and customers.

Look at what health and government organizations are recommending for public health guidance and ensure your messaging fits within what is safe and recommended. Take an extra look at the photos and graphics you chose to double-check that they fit for 2020.

Be sure to look at any public messaging through a lens of empathy and kindness to spread the right kind of cheer this year.

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Rachel Nix, Staff Strategist

In each Tip Tuesday post, expert strategists at C2 Strategic share communications advice for better outreach and engagement on traditional and modern media channels.

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