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At C2 Strategic Communications, we do more than deliver your message. We help you succeed.
We provide the communications strategy, advice and services you need to reach your ultimate goal.








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We’ve been called a lot of things over the years. That’s why we are so good at what we do today.
We have decades of experience in newsrooms, board rooms, classrooms and situation rooms.

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Chad Carlton


Chad Carlton brings more than 25 years of high-stakes, front-line communications experience to the leadership of C2 Strategic Communications. He is a strategic and creative thinker, a polished writer and a respected adviser to strong leaders including governors, mayors, company executives, cabinet secretaries and entrepreneurs.

Kerri Richardson

Vice President

Kerri is a communications leader respected by both newsmakers and journalists for her communications savvy, insight, candor and grace under pressure. She served as communications director and chief spokesperson for Gov. Steve Beshear, leading policy messaging across the Executive Branch.

Mindy Peterson

Senior Strategist

Mindy Peterson’s familiar and trusted voice has guided citizens, motorists, leaders and journalists for more than two decades. Today, she is the primary spokesperson for one of America’s largest and most complex transportation construction projects, the Ohio River Bridges Project’s Downtown Crossing.

Ed Green

Senior Strategist

Ed Green knows business inside and out. He’s respected by CEOs and corporate leaders throughout the region for the fairness and insight he displayed during two decades as a business reporter and editor at Louisville Business First and The Courier-Journal.

Lisa Jessie

Business Strategist

Not many people can read a corporate balance sheet, write front-page headlines and stay on top of a Twitter account. Lisa Jessie can – and does. Her rare combination of communications and financial expertise makes her an invaluable strategist for clients in the business, non-profit and government sectors.

Beverly Bartlett

Senior Strategist

Beverly is an engaging writer, a trusted advisor and a social media maven. As a leader of Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s communications team, she was the voice behind the voice of Louisville.

Carla Blanton

Strategic Partner

C2 Strategic Communications and Carla Blanton Consulting are strategic partners who have joined forces to better serve clients. Carla brings extensive communications experience in the government and nonprofit sectors, particularly in Central and Eastern Kentucky.

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Our Work

We are honored to work for leading businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our clients trust us to help them succeed.

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    Kentucky Automotive Industry Association
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    America Place
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    55,000 Degrees
  • Along the Mountain Parkway near Salyersville, Ky., on Monday, June 30, 2014.
    Mountain Parkway Expansion
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    Ohio River Bridges Project
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    Kentucky Automotive Industry Association
  • APcurrent2-compressed
    America Place
  • 55K_Destination-degree_square-compressed-small
    55,000 Degrees
  • MTN-Parkway-logo2-compressed
    Mountain Parkway Expansion
  • ORB-Downtown-Crossing-Underneath_square-compressed
    Ohio River Bridges Project

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Louisville Water Company
St. Joseph Children's Home
NAMI Louisville
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True Up
Auto Vision Conference
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