Tip Tuesday: Look and sound your virtual best for video conferencing

Virtual meetings have become a part of life for many of us.

Living rooms have become learning spaces, bedrooms are the new boardrooms, and even the kitchen is part of your home office. Making these every day spaces look professional is possible.

Here are tips to make your at-home office look and sound better in minutes!

Adjust the lighting

If you have windows or other bright light sources behind you then you’ll likely have a lighting problem. If you can, turn and face directly toward the light. It’s best if the brightest light source in your room is directed at your face as you look into your computer or webcam.

You can use a lamp you may already own to light yourself in a pinch. There are also lots of inexpensive ring and LED light options available that will give you great results.

Eliminate common audio issues

You can eliminate some audio problems just by wearing headphones or a pair of ear buds, and they don’t have to be expensive! The pair of ear buds that came with your phone should work fine.

An external microphone will usually sound better than the one built into your computer or webcam. Lots of options are available, including mics on stands or ones that clip to your clothing.

Be sure to place your mic nearby. Whether using an external mic or a built-in one, getting closer to it will usually make you sound better.

Choosing a room that has carpet, rugs, lots of furniture or wall-hangings can also create better sound during video conferencing. An empty room with tile or wood floors will often have lots of echo and make it more difficult for people to understand what you’re saying.

Find a flattering camera position

Looking down at your camera is not flattering and can be distracting to other people on your call. Getting the camera to eye-level is ideal. If you’re using a laptop computer, try elevating it by stacking books, boxes or anything sturdy you have around.

When you’re adjusting your framing try to keep yourself in the center of the screen. Tilt your camera so that it doesn’t cut off the top of your head or leave too much room above you in the frame.

Choose a better background

Try to choose a background that’s not too cluttered or distracting, paying close attention to anything that may be directly behind your head. Sometimes a blank wall is the best choice for your virtual calls.

If you like using virtual backgrounds, then here’s a bonus tip! You can use a solid green wall or an inexpensive folding greenscreen to get much cleaner results. Just select the “I have a green screen” option in your Zoom settings and you will immediately see the improvement. For best results try to have even light across the greenscreen or wall behind you.

More virtual meeting help

Want to improve with your virtual calls, conferences or webinars? Our expert team at C2 Strategic has worked hard to become a leader in virtual communications and video production. Contact us today for help with your next public meeting or virtual conference. 

Steven Richard, Senior Videographer

In each Tip Tuesday post, expert strategists at C2 Strategic share communications advice for better outreach and engagement on traditional and modern media channels.

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