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When two states tackle one of the largest transportation construction projects in the country, keeping drivers and residents informed is a critical part of the process.

The extensive work on the Downtown Crossing portion of Ohio River Bridges Project affects hundreds of thousands of people in Kentucky and Indiana – as well as motorists simply passing through the region. Nearly 225,000 people travel between Louisville and Southern Indiana on a daily basis. Continuous changes in traffic flow are a necessary part of the 3½-year project to build a new I-65 bridge, upgrade the existing Kennedy Bridge and build new interstate connections on both sides.

C2 Strategic Communications is part of a team of professionals helping the public know what to expect when they commute in and around downtown Louisville and Southern Indiana. Our philosophy: Knowledge is power. Lane shifts and street closures are a challenge, but with proper notice, drivers can plan their routes and schedules.

Construction Guide Avail - MediaWe couldn’t get the word out without the extensive coverage from the Louisville-area news media. Throughout the construction, news outlets have taken seriously their role in educating the public about all aspects of the project, particularly the traffic issues.

We saw strong media turnout for the release of the 2015 Construction Guide, and the coverage that followed is helping drivers stay informed. Working together, we can help motorists navigate construction on the path to progress. The end result will be a faster, smoother and safer commute.

To learn more about major construction and traffic changes ahead, check out the 2015 construction guide.

Mindy Peterson,

C2 Senior Strategist

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