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The challenges facing economic development cabinets (EDCs) vary greatly depending on context and region. EDCs are often navigating: 

  • Complexities of economic uncertainty
  • Limited access to capital
  • Infrastructure deficiencies that impede development
  • Regulatory frameworks that hinder growth
  • The need to collaborate with educational institutions & businesses to address skill gaps 
  • Inclusive growth to reduce income inequality
  • The challenge of balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability

Regardless of the challenge, it is important for members of your community to have clarity about the initiatives to improve their situation.

Working with the experienced communications team at C2 Strategic Communications will help you clarify your messaging about current economic development initiatives and how they will contribute to the overall prosperity of your region.

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River Ridge Development Authority

River Ridge collaborated with C2 Strategic Communications to create and implement a detailed communications and marketing strategy to demonstrate value to potential business partners, government stakeholders, and the wider community.

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