A Time to Shine in Economic Development

In Kentucky, we’re accustomed to being at the top of basketball rankings. We know our sports teams are winners, and so does the rest of the country.

But we haven’t gotten as much national attention and accolades for our economic development successes. But that is changing.Site Selection cover

It was refreshing to see the recent Site Selection magazine article that Kentucky and Louisville were among the most successful states and metro areas for generating investments and jobs in 2014. Kentucky was No. 1 based on the number of $1 million-plus projects per capita it brought to the state last year.

Kentucky even made the cover of the magazine, with an illustration of Gov. Steve Beshear wielding a baseball bat – no doubt a Louisville Slugger.

Louisville metro, including Southern Indiana, cracked the Top 10 in the total number of projects over $1 million. The area had the largest jump among any metro in the nation – a point not overlooked by Site Selection.

The magazine noted investments by Ford, GE Appliances and firms supported by UPS. It also highlighted efforts to improve workforce skills and increase educational attainment. (55,000 Degrees)

Businesses are realizing some of the competitive advantages of this region: the central location, an improving business climate and a strong, dedicated workforce.  National and international firms also are responding to the strides we’re making to improve logistics and infrastructure, including the Ohio River Bridges Project with its two new bridges and improved interstate connections.

Businesses don’t invest in areas where it doesn’t make sense. The major investments in facilities, infrastructure and education are endorsements of the improving business climate in Kentucky and the Louisville metro area.

Let’s tell the world.

Ed Green
C2 Senior Strategist

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