New Dixie Highway Announces Summer Progress, New Turn Lane

The New Dixie Highway Project promises to transform one of the city’s most traveled corridors into a safer, more inviting roadway.  Dixie Highway suffers a fatality rate three times higher than comparable highways, and its daily traffic count rivals some interstates.  Today, Dixie Highway is seeing rapid improvements including connected and wider sidewalks and new turn lanes, with more enhancements coming over the next several months.

C2 Strategic Communications has helped tell the New Dixie Highway story since the project began in 2015.  The 14-mile stretch transports more than 60,000 drivers and more than 4,000 transit riders daily. The project aims to improve safety, efficiencyand economic development for all who travel it.

In July, Mayor Greg Fischer hosted a news conference to update the public about the project’s progress. Despite an unusually wet spring, construction is on schedule and new amenities, such as a new turn lane from Rockford Lane onto northbound Dixie Highway, are underway.

Councilman Rick Blackwell represents the Dixie Highway area and stressed that any inconveniences were worth the tradeoff. “Major construction projects do not come without inconvenience for those that use the roadway,” said Blackwell.  “It is important to remember that the Dixie re-do improvements will not only enhance safety, but also provide beautification for our main thoroughfare.” Councilman Blackwell also shared that accidents have decreased significantly since completion of the rebuilt ramp from the Watterson Expressway to northbound Dixie Highway.

Tony Osting, a local business owner on Dixie Highway, agreed that it the project is necessary. He said to WDRB television, “Dixie Highway has been noted for a lot of problems over the years. This should solve a lot of it.”

In addition to keeping the community informed about the New Dixie Highway project, C2 Strategic also assists with stakeholder communication, social media and event planning. We are proud to be part of a project that will enhance the local community.

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