Ecotech Approaches Midpoint of 10,000 Trees Partnership

April 27 was both Arbor Day and a celebration of Ecotech’s planting of almost 5,000 trees over the last five years across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Ecotech is a leading provider of industrial, commercial, residential and recycling collection services around the region and committed to planting 10,000 trees over a decade.   

New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan joined the celebrations by helping with tree plantings.

Its plantings – part of the 10,000 Trees Partnership – included adding trees at the new Clarksville Little League Park and Wooded View Golf Course in Clarksville, Ind., as well as at Silver Creek Primary School in Sellersburg, Ind. This week of plantings was capped by an Arbor Day celebration in New Albany, where Ecotech officials joined New Albany Mayor Jeff M. Gahan and other city leaders in planting trees along the 2000 block of Oak Street.  

“Ecotech has been an advocate for improving our urban tree canopy for many years,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan. “We are pleased to partner with them to help make New Albany greener and more eco-friendly than ever before.” 

Ecotech owner and CEO Robert Lee said the company remains committed to its goal of planting 10,000 trees in 10 years and helping improve the quality of life across the regions.  

“With supportive partners like the City of New Albany, the Town of Clarksville and West Clark Schools, we look forward to continuing to change the landscapes of these communities,” Lee said. “These trees not only make these public places more beautiful and livable, they also improve the health of the cities and towns we serve.” 

Trees reduce smog and produce oxygen, helping to boost respiratory healthy community wide. Planting trees increases the overall tree canopy. Studies show that increased urban canopies create windbreaks. These windbreaks help offset and reduce energy costs and can function as natural air-conditioners, cooling via evaporation and providing shade. 

Ecotech’s 10,000 Trees Partnership was inspired by overwhelming community response after tornadoes devastated Henryville, Ind., and nearby areas in March 2012. Hundreds of mature trees were destroyed, and Ecotech officials wanted to help replace the tree canopy as they helped residents clean up the community.  

“Ecotech employees worked side by side with storm victims and thousands of volunteers to help our friends and neighbors pick up the pieces,” said Ecotech President Brian Slade. “The resolve of citizens to rebuild and the generosity of people to help others touched our hearts.” 

C2 Strategic provides Ecotech with event planning, public relations and strategic communications services. We’re proud to help support companies that are stewards of the environment.


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