Countdown to 2021: How C2 Strategic Adapted and Evolved in 2020

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a challenging year. Through global pandemic, economic hardship and social strife, C2 Strategic’s expert strategists navigated communications for our clients while constantly adapting and evolving to the changing times.

We often suggest celebrating ‘little wins.’ While the year was not what we predicted in January, we still see many reasons to be proud. Our creative and account management teams collaborated on the Countdown to 2021 for C2 Strategic’s social media channels to recap our biggest successes of 2020 and amplify the talents of our hardworking team.

Countdown to 2021

10 Bold Branding Projects

9 Headline-Making Announcements

8 Buzzworthy Media Events

7 Compelling Virtual Presentations

6 Awesome Award Winners

5 Engaging Public Involvement Projects

4 High-Quality Video Productions

3 Digital Marketing Success Stories

2 Offices with Nationwide Reach

1 Exciting Year for C2 Strategic

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