Public Engagement: 5 Reasons to Get Everyone Involved

Person standing at a presentation booth with a poster, interacting with attendees at a public engagement event.

Public relations, at its core, thrives on building relationships and fostering connections with various stakeholders. Securing active public engagement can make or break a project and set the positive tone for future public opinion. While stakeholder outreach and public engagement might sound straightforward in theory, reaching your target audience can present a wide range of […]

Media Relations for Non-Profit Organizations – Tell Your Story 

The landscape of non-profit organizations is filled with worthy causes – everything from feeding the hungry, behavioral health services, providing compassionate support for children in need and more. The incredible work these organizations do in service to our communities are stories that need to be shared far and wide.   Enter: the media relations campaign. A […]

Breaking Barriers and Nurturing Resilience – Mental Health in Communication

In the fast-paced and demanding field of communication, professionals often find themselves navigating high-pressure situations, tight deadlines and constant connectivity. While these realities are inevitable in our industry, they can also take a toll on mental health if not managed effectively. At C2 Strategic Communications, the commitment to prioritizing mental health is more than just […]

Making the Media Work for You 

In the world of public relations, public perception and your reputation are paramount to success. While there are plenty of ways you can work to build a positive public perception, few are as indispensable as media relations. After all, nothing stands out as a testament to your reputation more than a third-party endorsement.  As businesses, […]

Harnessing the Power of Earned Media

In the wild world of public relations, where public perceptions can make or break an organization’s reputation, earned media is a critical tactic used in communications plans and strategies. You may have heard of the term “earned media,” but unless you’ve worked in public relations, you may not know exactly what it means. Put simply, […]

Beware the Ides of March – How to Start Planning for the Unexpected

In the realm of public relations, crisis communications stands as a formidable challenge and an indispensable skill. Whether in the public or private sector, organizations face intense scrutiny, making effective crisis communication strategies paramount. In times of crisis, the ability to communicate transparently, swiftly, and empathetically can mitigate damage, restore confidence, and ultimately safeguard the […]

Don’t Just Fly, Soar: Certified Drone Pilots Elevate Your Business

It seems like drones are everywhere. Their familiar buzz can be heard in towns and neighborhoods, and it’s likely you know someone who owns one. Perhaps your niece or nephew received a shiny new DJI for Christmas, or maybe you’ve been eyeing a mini-sized model at your local big box store. Flying drones, particularly for […]

Why does a civil engineering project need a brand?

In the world of civil engineering, where function and practicality take precedence, it is easy for artistry and marketing to take a back seat. So, why should it matter? Isn’t branding for commerce? Why does an engineering project need a brand identity?  1. Credibility and trust: Civil engineering projects, such as road improvement, involve significant […]

Preventive maintenance: Make it a habit

Fellow allergy sufferers, I hear your sniffles. I see the pollen and mold counts and I grieve along with you. Louisville is a tough place to be if you’re sensitive to, well, anything that floats in the air. I’ve finally gotten my annual allergy suffering under control, thanks to a good doctor who told me […]

Three questions to focus your communications on the bottom line

Too often – in both our personal and work lives – we get wrapped up in the details of what we doing and miss the meaning of what we are doing. We’ve all seen examples of well-intentioned professionals losing sight of their mission and falling into a routine that strays from their desired course. Communications […]

Yes You, Enough with the Jargon

I don’t really like to begin a post with a definition, but I think it’s important that everyone understand what jargon is: A form of ineffective communication. Jargon seldom helps make a point well. At best, jargon is an imprecise way to communicate messages quickly. At worst, it leaves others completely oblivious to your meaning. […]

Email: Does the E stand for Easy? Or Evil?

Email is the most overused and abused form of communications today. (Texting is next, but that’s another discussion.) Because email is familiar, easy-to-use, and very often effective, we use it as a universal form of communications – the verbal equivalent of a survival tool that supposedly does everything from cutting tree branches to opening beer […]

Marketing vs. Communications: What’s the Difference and Why Should I Care?

Seldom a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask me to explain the difference between marketing, communications, and public relations. Plenty of business people confuse and intermingle these terms. This confusion can lead to problems moving your products and/or promoting your business or organization. It’s important to know: Marketing is not communications and communications is […]

5 tips for adding healthy habits into your workday

Whether logging in from home or an office with limited capacity, the way in which we work has changed. More people are indoors, sitting and staring at a screen for a majority of the day making it hard to prioritize their own well-being.

Being thankful in 2020: C2 Strategic founder talks Kentucky’s greatest gifts

Most people will not celebrate Thanksgiving and other seasonal holidays this year because of COVID-19, but there are still plenty of reasons to be thankful. C2 Strategic founder Chad Carlton encourages optimism for Kentuckians and anyone struggling through a tough year. He talked about his favorite things about the Bluegrass State and what he’s learned […]

See the virtue in virtual communications – because it’s here to stay

Andrea Brady

Chances are you’ve logged untold hours video conferencing since March. Many of us have grown accustomed to attending staff meetings or checking in with team members through a variety of virtual tools. But have you thought about all the different ways you can connect virtually with your clients, partners and community, beyond the basic meeting?

Expert Tip: Affordable investments for stronger social media

Social media and other forms of virtual communication have never been more important. That sentence was true in January. Now, it’s even more true, as many organizations are moving longstanding fundraising events (or important public meetings) to virtual formats.

Adapting business communications during COVID-19

Chad Carlton having a meeting outside

We’re always “thinking outside the box” about business and communications. So when COVID-19 began turning the world upside down, C2 Strategic Communications quickly expanded tools and strategies to keep communications flowing with and for our clients.

How to Talk to Media in Times of Crisis

Kerri Richardson at Omni Event

Let’s say your business decides to ask employees to work from home for the next week due to coronavirus… and then you get call from a reporter asking about it.