Preventive maintenance: Make it a habit

Fellow allergy sufferers, I hear your sniffles. I see the pollen and mold counts and I grieve along with you. Louisville is a tough place to be if you’re sensitive to, well, anything that floats in the air.

health-621356_640I’ve finally gotten my annual allergy suffering under control, thanks to a good doctor who told me to take antihistamines every single day, instead of just when I started sneezing.

The key is making the preventive maintenance a habit. Just like a good diet and regular exercise, it’s no good to wait until symptoms creep in – by then, it’s too late.

Smart businesses know that a strategic communication plan is good for business health and stability. But a communication plan’s effectiveness is limited if it’s only used when something goes wrong.

Consistent planning and implementation of a cohesive communications strategy builds a sort of communications “muscle memory.” So when the bad news hits, the organization already knows what to do.

At C2 Strategic Communications, we help diagnose your business’ challenges and develop the right mix of regular strategies to keep your messages on track.

Here’s how we help our clients make effective communication a habit:

Identify goals and objectives – What do you want to do? What are your long-term and short-term desired results?

Clarify audiences and allies – Who needs to hear your message? Who else is already on your team and supports your goals?

Determine existing and needed communications tools – Do you need a more robust social media presence? What about a spokesperson?

Develop strategies and tactics – Your business might need a story in the local newspaper, or a series of radio interviews, or perhaps your CEO should speak at an upcoming trade show. We design strategies tailored for your needs.

Put it all together in a calendar – A living document that holds folks accountable for sustained, continuing communications.

Of course, my daily decongestant isn’t going to stop me from ever getting sick or injured, but it’s a smart and easy investment in my health. What kind of predictable irritations can your team avoid by planning ahead and committing to some preventive maintenance?

— Kerri Richardson,

C2 Vice President

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