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Simplifying Complexity: Transforming Technical Messaging

Communicating technical messaging and transforming it into digestible social media posts for the public is a challenge for most transportation projects. This is especially true for projects with a large reach. Not only do you have to craft content that engages and informs each community, but you also must be aware of addressing each community’s individual concerns with the project.

Through engaging content, routine posts about project developments helped C2 Strategic Communications faced this challenge with the Mountain Parkway Expansion. The much-anticipated project runs through 35-miles of rural eastern Kentucky, touching several small communities each with their own interest in the project. Yet, after decades of discussion about an expanded Parkway, there was also a growing belief among Kentuckians that the improved roadway would never come to fruition.

C2 Strategic Communications developed a social media strategy aimed at keeping locals updated about construction progress, road closures and relevant developments around the project. That strategic plan included crafting a voice for the Mountain Parkway Expansion that blended authenticity, empathy and a genuine commitment to the state and local communities. By focusing on storytelling that highlighted the benefits of the Mountain Parkway Expansion,C2 Strategic established trust and connection with the audience, continuously reinforcing the project’s purpose and need. Routine posts about project developments and construction updates helped maintain an atmosphere of transparency and credibility that instilled confidence in the project and the crews helping to make the Mountain Parkway Expansion project a reality.

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