Getting Kentuckians home safely

by educating them on new road design concepts

Introducing and Educating Motorists on Highway Configuration Concepts That Might Seem Confusing

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s (KYTC) mission is to provide an efficient transportation system to safely move people and goods and deliver first-class programs and services to Kentuckians. On the surface, roads may seem like a simple concept, but KYTC, a state government agency, has a much grander vision to be a national leader in transportation that provides infrastructure and services for a 21st century that delivers new economic opportunities for all.

KYTC needed a sophisticated partner to provide strategy around introducing and educating motorists on highway configuration concepts that might seem confusing. As a result, KYTC partnered with C2 Strategic Communications, a tried, true and trusts, longtime collaborator, to get the job done.

C2 Strategic developed a multilayered communications toolkit, built around original multimedia assets: videos, photos, fact sheets, illustrations, animations, social graphics, powerpoint presentations and website content. The team traveled around the Commonwealth to capture video of each topic example, and worked hand-in-hand with highway and engineering experts to develop concise and easy-to-understand written content, illustrations and animations. All of these elements were also incorporated into a dynamic website. As a result, KYTC partnered with C2 Strategic Communications, a tried, true and trusted, longtime KYTC collaborator to help get the job done. Our deliverables were complex, but the project’s name stressed simplicity: SAFERoads Solutions.

KYTC now has a one-stop resource for employees and the public to learn about 17 innovative and conventional road designs, from complete streets to yellow flashing arrows. These are valuable assets to utilize during public discussions about future federal or state highway transportation projects, and can allay fears from the public and assure planners as to usability. Much of C2 Strategic’s design was pioneering, as several concepts had never before been illustrated in such a publicly understandable way. In fact, many were only blueprint sketches on a PDF previously. Now, users can conveniently scan a QR code to access a training video. We know firsthand these formats are working because other transportation engineers have replicated these tactics on highway projects across the country.

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