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Environmental Justice Outreach

Bilingual Outreach

Phone Call and Door-to-Door Engagement
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Reaching All Communities, Including the Historically Underserved

Community outreach is fundamental to all transportation projects, especially when engaging historically underserved or Environmental Justice (EJ) communities. These groups may face challenges such as language barriers or limited access to online resources. Nonetheless, involving them is crucial not only to comply with federal regulations but also to ensure that everyone impacted by transportation projects has an opportunity to contribute.

C2 Strategic Communications has extensive experience in leading educational and engagement initiatives with Environmental Justice (EJ) communities across various projects. Efforts range from targeted outreach to Spanish-speaking and low-income groups to collaborating with organizations that serve the homeless. C2 Strategic employs a comprehensive approach that involves identifying crucial demographic groups, partnering with local nonprofits and community organizations, and ensuring project details and participation opportunities are accessible through direct mail, door-to-door engagement, and local event exhibitions.

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