AES Indiana

From Handouts to Handshakes

Electrifying Outreach

AES Indiana provides for 512,000+ customers in the Indianapolis area. They needed external communications support to engage stakeholders during their Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) process.

This regulatory filing, required every three years, involved multiple public advisory meetings, opportunities for stakeholder input and support to make complex energy generation topics accessible to all.

C2 Strategic Communications collaborated with AES Indiana’s various teams to create a comprehensive, year-long communications strategy aligned with the IRP filing. Subsequently, C2 Strategic enhanced AES’s communications resources, provided fact-based research to address challenges from competitors, corrected lawmaker misconceptions, and bolstered public trust.

During the 2023 legislative session, C2 Strategic spotlighted AES Indiana’s progress toward clean energy objectives, implementing targeted outreach to key customers, local leaders, and community connectors.

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