Sherman Minton Renewal Project

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The Challenge

The 57-year-old Sherman Minton Bridge, the first interstate bridge connecting Louisville, Kentucky to New Albany, Indiana, needs long-term repairs to extend its service life. The $90+ million bi-state rehabilitation and painting project will add up to 30 years of service life to the bridge.

Keeping stakeholders informed about the need, the process and the construction approach is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome once construction is underway in early 2021.

The Solution

C2 Strategic Communications launched and is executing a comprehensive public outreach effort encompassing both sides of the river. From creating the project brand and developing the website to crafting key messages and establishing social media channels, C2 provided the materials needed for a successful launch and project.

The public involvement team is keeping key stakeholders well-informed—from establishing Community Advisory and Environmental Justice Committees to engaging with the public during open houses. C2 also serves as the project spokesperson and handles all media relations for the project.

The Results

As the Environmental Process wraps, the project has gained significant traction with the general public. News coverage has been accurate and fair and there is strong interest from key stakeholders who have been engaged with the project from the beginning. To date, the project has garnered hundreds of news stories, nearly 100,000 impressions on social media and thousands of website visits.

Digital outreach and online public involvement tools resulted in more than 3,000 completed public questionnaires to help guide decisions by the Sherman Minton Renewal Project Team.



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