Panbowl Lake Dam

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The Challenge

In March 2021, historic flooding in eastern Kentucky caused significant damage across the region. The North Fork of the Kentucky River overflowed its banks in Jackson, causing water to seep through the Highway 15 embankment that serves as a dam for Panbowl Lake. Area residents were evacuated when the embankment began to slip.

Following the flood event, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 10 office initiated a geotechnical engineering report  along with a hydrologic and hydraulic study of the dam. District 10 needed to present the reports’ findings to the community to demonstrate the safety of the dam and explain future improvements.

The Solution

C2 Strategic developed a public involvement approach that focused on easy-to-understand messaging. Both engineering reports for the Panbowl Lake dam involved technical details and complex subject matter, so it was important to utilize messaging that was clear, concise and informative.

Information was shared with the community through direct mail, social media, news releases and a virtual public meeting. Visual materials, including a dynamic overview video with drone footage, a project handout and multiple graphic design elements, were incorporated throughout our public outreach.

The Results

The virtual public meeting was well-planned, well-attended and received positive feedback. Our communications approach also generated earned media coverage from local television stations and newspapers. C2 Strategic equipped District 10 with a host of materials to thoroughly explain the project, respond to resident questions and help advance the project.

Project overview video

Branding & collateral materials

Social Media

Cell phone with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet social post for public meeting
Cell phone with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet social post for public meeting
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