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The Challenge

AES Indiana, the electric utility for 512,000+ customers in the Indianapolis area, needed ongoing, multi-faceted communications assistance to engage lawmakers, like-minded advocates and the general public during the Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) process. This regulatory filing outlining AES’s energy priorities and future ratemaking framework, required every three years, necessitated the planning of multiple public advisory meetings, robust opportunities for stakeholder input and support to make complex energy generation topics accessible to all.

The Solution

C2 Strategic worked closely with AES Indiana’s regulatory affairs, customer communications and government affairs teams to develop a year-long communications plan to coincide with internal work for the IRP filing. To educate stakeholders and maximize public involvement, C2 Strategic developed clear and consistent communications pieces for five public advisory meetings. By finding opportunities to build understanding for and confidence in the IRP process, C2 Strategic ensured this vital energy planning evaluation was equitable and inclusive. Throughout the IRP, C2 Strategic highlighted how AES Indiana worked toward its clean energy goals without compromising commitments to customers for safe, reliable and affordable service. Additional targeted outreach was planned for strategic customers, key local leaders and connectors in communities that AES Indiana served to proactively address concerns related to energy transitions.

The Results

By sharing timely and reliable information in a way that was clear and transparent, AES Indiana built confidence in the IRP as an objective energy plan rooted on meaningful stakeholder engagement and in-depth analysis.
C2 Strategic helped AES Indiana’s internal teams reach consensus to explain tough energy topics to the public. Through well-planned and executed virtual meetings,
AES Indiana was able to interact with more stakeholders than in past IRPs and collect valuable feedback to create actionable generation plans.
Communities impacted most by energy transitions appreciated AES Indiana’s responsible and thoughtful approach. At the conclusion of the project, C2 Strategic armed
AES Indiana with a wealth of shareable collateral and talking points on a range of energy
topics to continue bolstering communications between now and the next IRP in 2025.


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