Tip Tuesday: Should Your Headline Be A Question?

Want to see higher engagement numbers on social media? Ask more questions!

Re-writing your post to be in the form of a question can grab interest and boost feedback.

Your headline does not need to tell the whole story. And if it does, why would anyone click through? Websites like BuzzFeed pull big audiences because they draw the reader in by leaving some things left unsaid.

It makes sense that asking questions leads to responses. Plus, comments, clicks and shares earn more organic reach for your posts. That means you’re setting yourself up for success by starting the conversation the way that conversations often start — with a question.

Take our headline for this post as an example. We could have titled it “Questions in Headlines Proven to Boost Engagement” – but that doesn’t compel the reader dig in further. It also doesn’t open the floor for feedback on if they agree or disagree. Your audience will spend more time with you, and build a relationship with your brand, if you show you want them to be involved and provide opportunities to engage.

Not every headline can be in the form of a question. But start looking for chances to tweak your approach and see if you get results. Every audience is unique. Test out a few headlines on different platforms to gauge what types of questions your followers respond to most and what titles move them to click to read more.

Rachel Nix

The world of social media is crowded and ever-changing. Need help simplifying your messaging to reach the audience you want? Talk to C2 Strategic about our digital marketing and social media management capabilities today.

— Rachel Nix, Staff Strategist

In each Tip Tuesday post, expert strategists at C2 Strategic share communications advice for better outreach and engagement on traditional and modern media channels.

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