Tip Tuesday: Get more from LinkedIn in a few easy steps

Feeling the need to network? Whether you’re looking for a new job, testing different sales strategies or trying to build your brand, LinkedIn can help – if you know how to use it.

Getting more involved on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are a few tips for creating a better LinkedIn profile and using the social media platform for your business.

LinkedIn Tips for Profiles and Business-Building

1. Refresh your photo.

Make sure your headshot looks like you!

Using an image that is out of date, low resolution, or zoomed out so you can’t tell its you won’t do you any favors. This is your first impression, so take advantage of it by choosing a clear photo with your face filling a majority the frame.

It should match the type of work you do – so steer clear of busy backgrounds and casual clothing if you’re typically in a suit in a corporate setting. Studies have found that a smile and formal attire make you look more likeable and competent.  

2. Beef up your summary.

One frequently overlooked opportunity on your profile is the summary box just below your photo. This is your chance to sell what makes you special in up to 2000 words.

Use this space to put your career in context. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and do some humble bragging about big achievements.

Think of your summary as your story. Your profile lists every place you’ve been, but this is where you connect the dots.

3. Grow your network.

Sometimes getting a job depends on who you know, so use LinkedIn as your database.

Request to connect with past coworkers and important people who you’ve collaborated with on projects now. You can even sync your email list to LinkedIn to get suggestions.

Then make it a habit to add connections after meetings with new people to have a strong network built if you ever need it. It doesn’t have to be awkward! Add a quick note on it being nice to meet them and press send.

4. Share industry knowledge.

Show that you are active in your industry by sharing thought leadership articles and tips on your feed.

Post links to news stories about your company or industry, share content from your business page and consider writing your own article pieces.

Your posts will go further with the addition of a few hashtags – so look at what people in your circles are using and add those at the end. Locations (like #Kentucky or #Louisville) and industries (#publicrelations or #communications) are smart choices with a wide reach. Tagging other people mentioned in the article will also increase impressions and encourage commenting.

5. Engage with others.

This is not a set it and forget it platform. For better networking and stronger connections, you need to be involved.

Congratulate others on important milestones and anniversaries, like and comment on industry posts, and start conversations with influencers in your field.

You may be surprised how many connections that started as acquaintances engage more often online. This is a great way to form better bonds and boost your business network.

Need Help with LinkedIn?

Still overwhelmed by social media? C2 Strategic Communications helps businesses and thought leaders increase their reach and maximize their time online. Contact us today to see how we can help you build a better digital network – and actually use it!

Rachel Nix, Senior Strategist

In each Tip Tuesday post, expert strategists at C2 Strategic share communications advice for better outreach and engagement on traditional and modern media channels.

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