Kaitlin Keane

Kaitlin Keane

Multimedia Coordinator

Kaitlin spent years honing visual storytelling skills in community newspapers, developing new ways to connect meaningful content with readers. She created can’t-look-away photo essays and videos for newspapers in Texas, Minnesota, Tennessee and Kentucky, and gathered a slew of photojournalism awards along the way.

Now as C2 Strategic’s communications coordinator, Kaitlin is accelerating our firm’s visual and social storytelling success.

While Kaitlin’s most-used communications tool is her camera, she understands that the most effective communication these days includes combining elements of photography, video, and interactive and social media to tell a story. The most memorable stories convey emotion and purpose, and most important, they connect people with a shared feeling and response.

Documenting a moment needs more than a snapshot with an iPhone; one needs the ability to take that moment and turn it into a relatable story. If content is king (and it is), Kaitlin knows how to create it.

A self-professed doughnut connoisseur and amateur cat lady, Kaitlin brings a fresh perspective in telling our clients’ stories.



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