Hayley Robb

Hayley Robb

Associate Strategist

Hayley is a persuasive communicator driven by a passion for people and sharing their stories.

From media relations to graphic design, Hayley brings a myriad of talents to support C2 Strategic’s business and government sector. Using her journalistic background, she’s helped leaders in health, education, transportation and nonprofit industries reach new audiences and elevate their messages to make an impact on their communities.

She started at C2 Strategic as an intern in 2019 and rejoined the team in 2020 continuing to set a standard of excellence in every area of communications she touches. She served as creative director for the first-ever branded content studio on Western Kentucky University’s campus helping clients and businesses find creative solutions across multiple platforms.

Besides her stellar communications skills, Hayley has a knack for lifting heavy weights and running long distances. If it’s not black coffee, her drink of choice is a medium oat milk miel with an extra shot of espresso.

Learn more about how Hayley’s strategic storytelling approach is making a difference for her clients.



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