Berry Craig

Berry Craig

Associate Strategist | Project Coordinator

Berry began his foray into public relations and marketing as the one-person force of content creation behind Wicked Sheets in Louisville. Through curated digital work, he spent his time extolling the benefits of their bedding and aided in the launch of a mattress line and crib sheets for babies. In addition, he honed his skills in social media management while adding various social channels to the brand’s portfolio.

Berry has a B.A. in English literature and instrumental music and is now working on his M.A. in strategic communications. He was a member of the 2016 NeXt group with the Fund for the Arts, a Louisville non-profit whose nationally recognized program facilitates and strengthens emerging leaders in the arts community.

Berry’s skills are varied—from content creation to social media management and graphic design. As staff strategist for C2, Berry works on myriad C2 Strategic projects.


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