Berry Craig

Berry Craig

Associate Strategist | Project Coordinator

Berry delivers for our clients with his diverse skills and hands-on experience with major transportation projects. Specializing in public involvement coordination, meeting planning, digital analytics, marketing and paid advertising, he excels at social media management. Through strategic planning and creative content creation, he makes it easy to share information with motorists and the public.

Berry has been on the ground for the launch of several major area transportation projects, including Sherman Minton Renewal, Mid-States Corridor and TheLloyd4U.

Berry helps coordinate public involvement and outreach efforts, from stakeholder engagement and public meetings to virtual outreach and content planning. He’s put his skills to use on several major transportation projects in Indiana and Kentucky, including RiverLink tolling, I-69 Finish Line, I-69 Ohio River Crossing, TheLloyd4U and Mid-States Corridor.

Berry creates engaging materials for public consumption – like infographics, social media posts and website content – that are sharable and easy to understand. He engages the public and delivers for clients.


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