Amber Marsden

Amber Marsden

Graphic Designer

Amber is a talented graphic designer who uses creativity to deliver unique, engaging work.

As the primary graphic designer at C2 Strategic, Amber makes her clients’ visions come to life. From transportation projects like the Sherman Minton Bridge all the way to real estate development with RJ Thieneman, Amber enjoys the diversity that design provides. She uses her skills to solve problems in creative ways through both still and motion graphics across multiple platforms.

Amber started her design career at the University of Louisville Admissions Office, creating designs sent to thousands of potential students across Kentucky and neighboring states. She then moved to a local advertising agency where she won two IABC Landmarks of Excellence awards for her work.

When she’s not cuddling with her cat, Ella, Amber enjoys playing video games or participating in Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. You might also find her drawing or planning her next big Disney World trip.

Check out how Amber brought a transportation association’s brand to life:


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