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The Managed Image of Managed Care

Anthem Blue Cross and BlueShield Kentucky Medicaid, the Commonwealth’s largest Medicaid MCO serving over 180,000 Kentuckians, faced several challenges with contract awards and cancellations. To enhance their next contract proposal and build relationships with key influencers, Anthem teamed up with C2 Strategic Communications to launch a comprehensive communications campaign targeting policymakers, community advocates, healthcare professionals, and the public.

C2 Strategic crafted a multilayered communications and government relations plan targeting three key goals:

  • Actively develop and distribute content for various stakeholders and the public.
  • Achieve consistent media coverage highlighting Anthem’s holistic health care approach and related initiatives.
  • Strategically position Anthem’s upcoming Medicaid MCO contract for success by strengthening ties with elected officials, nonprofits, and community organizations across urban and rural areas.

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