Award-winning photojournalist joins C2

One of the major points of pride at C2 Strategic Communications is that each of us is a former journalist – a real point of difference among other communications firms in the region. When C2’s team needed to grow yet again, we hoped we’d find another journalist looking to make the leap. We found her, and she brings a whole new skill set to our team.
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Kaitlin Keane, a photojournalism major from Western Kentucky University, grew up in nearby Oldham County. She worked in community newspapers from Texas to Minnesota over the last seven years, seeking great stories and memorable photographs. In her last position as a reporter and photographer for the Central Kentucky News-Journal in Campbellsville, she won a slew of awards for photography and social media from the Kentucky Press Association and the Kentucky News Photographers Association. Kaitlin might be young (okay, a LOT younger than the rest of us at C2) but she’s known and respected by her peers for her work as well as her relentless work ethic.
Kaitlin officially joined our team in mid-February, and we didn’t waste any time throwing assignments her way. She’s already documented the Omni Louisville construction and toured the Mountain Parkway Expansion site, as well as spoken with the members of the New Dixie Highway Project Advisory Team and strategized with our team’s social media leader on amplifying our clients’ messages.

But don’t assume that Kaitlin is all work and no play. In our short time together, Kaitlin has revealed that she once planned a trip to Portland, Oregon, just to visit the original Voodoo Doughnut Shop; that she may have dressed up her cats for a Christmas card; and that she evaluates new friends on whether they’d be good teammates on the Family Feud. In other words, she’s pretty awesome.

Watch for Kaitlin’s photos here on our website and on social media, showing you the progress our clients are making in improving their communities. Welcome, Kaitlin!

— Kerri Richardson

C2 Executive Vice President


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