At C2 Strategic, we know our bourbon. We celebrate Kentucky’s signature spirit with a wall of fine bottles in our office’s “Bourbon Boardroom.” So we’re particularly excited to be working with the City of Bardstown, Nelson County and the newly created Bourbon Capital Community Alliance (BCCA, which is expanding the community’s tourism offerings and features.

Bardstown is the Bourbon Capital of the WorldTM, the epicenter of the bourbon industry. Bardstown increasingly draws people from around the globe, people attracted by the Commonwealth’s bourbon boom and the many other great features of this historic quintessential small town.

As interest in bourbon culture expands, the BCCA is working on strategies and tactics to increase economic investment in the heart of Kentucky’s bourbon-producing region.
C2 Strategic and our partner, Solid Light, the region’s leader for engaging destinations and experiences, will help the region identify improvements and investments in a strategic blueprint that includes physical improvements, education and training, experiences, destinations, marketing and more. And that begins with listening to key leaders in the community and engaging them in a priority-setting process.

Working with clients who strive to make a positive impact in their community is a top objective for C2 Strategic. We look forward to building on the heritage of the Bardstown region, the brilliant marketing work of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, and of course, the bourbon produced by master distillers and thousands of hard-working hands.


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